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Captain's Program
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Share your success story and get paid

If you are sold on  this product and find yourself sharing your success story with everyone who asks, "How did you lose your weight so fast?", then you might be eligible to become a Captain and make money while you help your friends.  This product seems to sell itself especially when the results are seen right before their eyes on you.  Become a walking advertisement, help people by telling them about HCG, and make money while you do. Almost everyone you meet wants to lose pounds and inches. Sharing with them your sucess story can change their life and give them the motivaiton they need to get started.  They will thank you forever.  Here is how it works:

Only Captains may purchase hcg at a discount price!

Once you have purchased and become a successful user of HCG, you must do the following to become a Captain:

1.  Write a success story of your hcg weight loss experience with before and after pictures.  This should be only a paragraph and should tell why you tried it, your feelings about it before you started, your experience with the product, how much weight you lost and in what amount of time.  Anything special that you want to share or anything to help others who are struggling with weight and are thinking about doing this protocol.  Simple, straighforward, motivational, inspirational to help the reader make a decision.  This should be emailed in to hcgoral@cableone.net .  Attach 2 digital pictures from your computer of before and after the weight loss.  By doing so, you are giving HCG Oral permission to use on our testimonial page.

2.  Read Dr. Simeons manuscript  and or Kevin Treadeau's book, The Weight Loss Cure in order to prepare yourself to answer questions that might arise from your customers.

3. Click here, fill out application and send back the completed form.

After the discount code is entered, your discounted cost of each package is as follows:

Order Description Your Cost Suggested Sales Price Your Profit
Package B   20 bottles Hcg drops $700  with free shipping
($35 ea)
$60 ea    + $500
Package C    40 bottles Hcg drops

$1250 with free shipping
($31.25 ea)

$60 ea    + $1400

Package D        100 bottles Hcg drops          $2700 ($27 ea)                   $60 ea                           $3300                                                                                                         

*Tax should be charged according to your state requirements and paid accordingly. (Exception would be AL. Orders from AL will pay sales tax upfront on order and HCG Oral will pay to state of AL.

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