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HCG Diet Protocol Why It Works
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HCG is a natural hormone produced in the human body and which becomes especially dense (10,000 plus units) in pregnant women. In smaller doses (200 units or less), it has become the most effective natural substance available for safe, quick, and healthy weight loss in both men and women when combined with a restricted diet.  Please note that new revisions to this website disclose that the products sold presently will be man-made hCG formulas not the organic hormone hCG.  Reports from thousands of consumers rave at the results and effectiveness of these products if used along with the HCG Diet Protocol.  In the research available on actual results of people following this protocol,  three significant facts are noted:

  1. Men and women alike have weight loss of between ½ to 1 lb a day on the average.
  2. Due to loss of abnormal fat, a re-shaping of the body may be experienced.
  3. Even after a year or more the fat nor weight is not gained back by most.

HCG Diet….Helping You To Understand How It Works and Why it is Safe.

After 40 years of research Dr. ATW Simeons, an Italian medical doctor and researcher, proposed a radical protocol using HCG that produced tremendous results in the obese.  He believed that obesity was the result not the cause of a metabolic disorder.  HCG has been used worldwide for obesity and weight loss with great success over the last thirty years particularly in medical clinics in Europe.  The method of administering the HCG was injections making it more difficult for the average person.  Not until recently has it become available in an oral dosage.
Many people assume that obesity is the abnormal functioning of the body and that people who suffer from this get fat no matter what they eat.  Dr. Simeons proposed that there are 3 kinds of fat in the human body;

  1.  Structural (which acts like packing material between the organs),
  2.  Normal fat reserve (which our body can draw on when we need additional fuel), and finally
  3. Abnormal fat (which is typically the hardest to lose and is found around the mid section, hips and thighs, arms, back fat, neck and face, etc)

 With typical diets, the first fat used is the normal fat reserve often leaving one tired and fatigued.  The next to be used is the structural fat, which leaves us looking like we are starving with skin drooping, and only as a last resort does our body begin to work on the abnormal fat. So with the obese person, that fat is the last to go.  Even if you are of normal weight you can still be obese, if your abnormal fat makes up too much of your body weight.

Dr. Simeons' Solution
Dr. Simeons' work in India and Italy helped him develop a protocol to deal with obesity. In his work he discovered that a diet of 500 calories and an injection of 125 units of HCG daily for 40 days, could provide a weight loss of up to 34 pounds. Most of this came from the abnormal fat deposits, meaning that not only were his patients losing weight but they were resculpting their bodies. For those who have less to lose, a 26 day protocol would work just fine. Dr. Simeons suggested that it was important to do at least 26 days regardless of weight to lose.

Oral Hcg can work for you too!
By following Dr. Simeons' Protocol you too can lose the abnormal fat that regular diets and exercise have difficulty in removing.  The Oral  man-made HCG (spray or drops) makes it easier than ever to follow this protocol.  The restrictive diet can be made easier by following the easy and delicious recipes found in the HCG Diet recipe book.  Real fat loss and followed by a transition period of knowing what your body best meatabolizes is worth the time and effort the protocol takes. And the oral  man-made HCG drops or spray is now available and easy to get.
We here at HcgOral.com are committed to providing you with the most effective products and information to make your weight loss effort FAST AND EASY. We have personally experienced the trials of being overweight and the success of Dr. Simeons protocol.  We have helped hundreds to succeed as well. To help you we have all natural appetite suppressants, energy supplements, body cleansers, recommended teas and other supplements and extracts for specific needs you may have. We have organic spices and cookbooks to make your meals appealing. We want you to succeed.

We have also provided a community forum for you to share your successes, vent your struggles and get encouragement from people like you.   For your questions we have a FAQ’s page where most of your concerns have been addressed and  made easily accessible for you.  If you still have questions we are available by email to help address any other questions that might arise.  HCG has a very high success rate among those who have participated in this program.

We'd love to see your before and after pictures and especially your written testimonial to add to our website for encouragement for others.  We believe this is the last diet program you will ever do or ever need. 

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